Founded: 1953

Leagues played in: Burton Hunt League, Lincoln League

Contact details: Malcolm Straw,



By Malcolm Straw

The earliest record of Reepham CC is a photo dating back to the early 1920’s.

Burton Hunt Records indicate that a Reepham side was entered in their league in 1931, the first year of the league’s existence.

Following the war, the club was reformed in 1953 and re-joined the Burton Hunt League in 1955. They were then league champions for the following 5 seasons.

The club was also successful, beating the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment in the final of the Major Hoult cup on the barracks ground in 1958.


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Back Row; D. Marsh (umpire). S Lusby, E. Elvidge, I Wilson (scorer), G. Law, R. Bugg, R. Elvidge. 

Front Row; M. Straw, M. Taylor, R. Dean (captain), H. Wilson, E. Hancer, F. Dean.

The current cricket field was first used in 1955 and was kindly loaned to the club by Maurice Good at the adjacent Manor Farm, and later by his grandson, Philip Good (President Reepham CC). The pavilion was purchased second hand from Claytons Sports in 1955 for £50 and still proudly stands at entrance to the field. It was depicted in the “Book of Pavilions” by Jonathon Rice, in 1991.

In 1960 Reepham joined the Lincoln League. A second team was entered in the league in 1985 but due to lack of players was finally withdrawn from the league in 2001. In  1993, 1996, 1998, benefit matches were staged for Derek Randall, Andy Pick and Kevin Evans, all Notts players of course.

pavilion reepham

Over the years, visiting clubs and umpires have enjoyed the picturesque setting and the excellent teas.

The field is used for various fund raising events including an annual gala on Spring Bank Holiday Monday. Some years ago the local school used to hold their annual sports day on the field and the club opened the pavilion and provided seating for the parents.

It is interesting to note that between 1931 and the year 2000 Reepham CC has accumulated a list of approximately 270 registered players.


The Burton Hunt League.

The first general meeting was held on January 12th 1931 when 23 members representing clubs were present. Sir Julian Cahn presided. The only clubs eligible to join the league were those villages which allowed the Hunt to operate.

Officers Elected:

President: Sir Julian Cahn

Vice Presidents: Major Wilson, Major Hoult, Mr. C. Deane, Mr. Saunders,             Rev. Harrison.

Sec / Treasurer: W. Simmonds

Committee: Mr. Drakes – Aisthorpe

Mr. Gilber – Welton

Mr. Creed – Gate Burton

Mr. Smeeth – Bishop Norton

Mr. Girston – Glentham

Mr. Sarson – Waddingham

Mr. Carpenter – Normanby

Mr. Chambers – Wickenby

The first committee meeting was held in the White Hart Hotel, Lincoln, on January 24th where club rules were agreed.

Another committee meeting was held on February 7th 1931. Springthorpe and Corringham were admitted to the league. It was agreed that there would be only one division for the coming season.

Major Hoult offered a cup for a knockout competition and the final would be played at the Barracks.

Claxby applied for league membership but were rejected due to them being outside the league radius.

At the next committee meeting on June 27th, Reepham were  represented for the first time by Mr. Ashby of Cathedral View, Reepham.

Reepham did play in the league in 1931 and finished joint runners up with Springthorpe, both on 26 points.

At the end of the season H. Mellows represented Reepham in the ‘Rest of the League’ versus ‘The Champions'(Saxilby), and Mr. Tonn from Reepham was one of the umpires.

In 1932, two sections were formed:

A Section: Barlings, Saxilby, Reepham, Faldingworth, Aisthorpe, Glentham. (Faldingworth later resigned from the league mid-way through the season).

B Section: Gate Burton, Waddingham, Bishop Norton, Corringham, Springthorpe, Welton.

At a general meeting held on March 11th 1933 it was decided to abandon the league for the season due to poor club attendance but it was agreed to continue with the Major Hoult Cup.

Mr. J. C. Revill appointed league secretary due to Mr. Simmonds leaving the area.

The league was revived in 1934 but with fewer clubs, mainly due to transport costs. Sir Julian Cahn agreed to pay half the cost of transport for any clubs who joined.

Accepted clubs were: Glentham, Barlings, Saxilby, Cherry Willingham, Waddingham, Gate Burton, and Bishop Norton. Reepham did not enter the league or the knockout cup.

In 1935 the league was again held in abeyance. Also the Major Hoult Cup.

In 1936 the committee wrote to the Lincolnshire Echo asking them to print a letter asking for co-operation of all village club secretaries in the Hunt area.

Only 4 clubs joined – Waddingham, Bishop Norton, Glentham, Glentworth.

Waddingham were league winners and were rewarded by Major Wilson who gave them £5 each.

In 1937 North Kelsey joined the league.

In 1938 Riseholme and Cadney(South of Brigg) joined the league.

In 1939 Burton Estate, Aisthorpe and Normanby were admitted to the league

making 10 clubs in all.


At the first meeting after the war at the Bulls Head Hotel, Lincoln , it was agreed to re-start the league. Glentham won the league with 14 points and Waddingham were runners up with13.

The Major Hoult cup was revived in 1949 which was last won by Welton before the war. Major Wall was elected a vice president who agreed to the final again being played at the Barracks.

Bishop Norton beat Burton in the final of the Major Hoult cup.

Bishop Norton were also winners of the league for the third successive year.

In 1950 Glentham were league champions and Bishop Norton were runners up.

In 1951 Bishop Norton again won the league having won all their matches. Glentham were runners up.

In 1952 Bishop Norton and Glentham joined the Lincoln and Gainsborough leagues respectively. Owmby won the Burton Hunt league and the Royal Lincs Regiment were runners up.

In 1954 Owmby won the Major Hoult Cup.

In 1955 Owmby and Welton resign from the league. Reepham and Faldingworth join the league.

The league now consisted of : Reepham, Faldingworth, Nth & Sth Carlton, Burton, Aisthorpe, Riseholme, Willoughton, and Waddingham.(8 in all).

Reepham won the league with 24 points and Aisthorpe were runners up with 21. Reepham were fined 2/6d for a late result against Waddingham.

In 1956 Burton and Willoughton withdrew from the league and Osgodby were admitted. Reepham win the league for the 2nd successive year. Ray Booth, Roland Dean and Stan Lusby were selected to play for the ‘Pick of the League’ versus ‘Lincs Depot’.

In 1956 Fiskerton joined the league and are beaten in the final of the Major Hoult Cup by the Royal Lincs Regiment. RLR knocked Reepham out in the first round. Reepham win the league for the 3rd successive year.

In 1959 J. C. Revill completes 25 years as league secretary. Glentham re-join the league making a total of 9 teams.

In 1960 Reepham join the Lincoln League and Faldingworth withdraw from the BH league due to having no ground.

The Burton Hunt League was finally wound up at a committee meeting held on Tuesday 13th August 1991.

Abe Lincoln had been connected with the league for 25 years becoming president in 1988.

In 1990 the BH league approached the Lincoln League to see if they could join as a 4th division (to be known as ‘Division 4 Burton Hunt’) and this was activated in the 1992 season.

In 2002 the Lincoln League was reduced to a premier division and three other divisions 1,2&3.

The Burton Hunt was finally over.