In hundreds of club houses, attics and garages around Lincolnshire, you will find trophies, scoreboards, photographs, and memorabilia which tell the story of the rich history of cricket in the county, going back to the 18th century.

The aim of this website is to allow clubs to share something of that history.

The first record of cricket played by a Lincolnshire county side is in 1828, when a Norfolk v Lincolnshire match took place at East Dereham. (Lincolnshire won by an innings!)

Village cricket in Lincolnshire, though, dates back further than this. The first mention of Stamford Cricket Club, for example, was in 1770. A Spalding v Boston match took place a few years later, in 1792. It rained (nothing changes!), and sadly this “occasioned the grass to be slippery, and one gentleman by a fall dislocated his knee, another had a broken leg, and one a black eye”!!

From these slightly uncertain beginnings, Lincolnshire cricket has grown into its present day state where there are 29 ECB “Focus Clubs” in operation and many more besides, as well as a number of flourishing leagues. International cricket even came to Lincolnshire in 2013, when England Women played Pakistan at Louth Cricket Club, thanks to the efforts of one Arran Brindle.

Cricket is part of Lincolnshire’s history and heritage and there are many stories to tell. Here, we want to bring together those stories in one place, to create a record of the county’s cricketing past.

Do you have a story to tell? Have you written your club’s history? We want every club in the county to be represented here, so do get in touch and we can arrange for you to upload your memories and photographs onto the site.

Is there someone from your club, past or present, who deserves a place in the CricketLincs Hall of Fame? Get in touch with your nominations.

For more information or to share your stories, contact Dr Raf Nicholson via email, or over the phone, 01522 835 117.